The 48th annual San Antonio Auto and Truck show kicked off Thursday with more than 300 cars on display. Whether you're in the market for a new car or just want to dream a little bit, the San Antonio auto show has it all.

"We have Aston Martins, a Lotus, a Rolls Royce, so I know the average Joe, me included. We can't maybe drive away in a Rolls Royce, but we can certainly get in one and feel what it's like to have one," said Cassandra Lazenby, spokesperson for the San Antonio Auto and Truck show.

This year, the show is more interactive, including the national debut of the new Ram territory track experience. You can see the Ram truck level off 1200 pounds of steel beams with its air suspension system, pull a 27,500-pound tractor on a trailer, and pull up a 2000-pound wall.

"We can talk numbers all day long, but that's just noise until you experience them in an environment like this. You really don't get the full sense them, of what the truck is all about," said Kevin Metz, senior brand manager for the Ram heavy duty pick up.

With technology improving faster than ever, the brands will be showing off some of the latest features in their 2017 lines.