LINCOLN COUNTY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A Maine trooper and his partner K9 Bella save a missing suicidal woman from Lincoln County on Saturday.

The Sheriff's Office says they responded to a report of a missing woman that had left her home to die in the woods.

Her family says she left her cell phone behind and her medication was missing. They told police they walked around the woods of the residence and could not find her.

After arriving at the residence, the trooper gave K9 Bella an article with the missing woman’s scent and sent her off.

Bella went to the edge of a thickly wooded area and put her nose high into the air. Then put her head down and began to track. Bella tracked the woods for some distance before notifying Trooper Lacoste that she had found the woman.

Trooper Lacoste saw the women lying face down on the ground with an empty pill bottle by her side. She was unconscious with labored breathing. The woman was taken to an area hospital.