SAN ANTONIO - A Boerne man witnessed the Las Vegas shooting unfold from the same hotel as the suspected shooter.

Byron Velvick was staying on the 25th floor at the Mandalay Bay and Resort.

During the time of the shooting, he wasn't able to see where the shots were coming from but the next morning, Velvick saw that his room was situated catty-corner to 64-year-old Stephen Paddock's room on the 32nd floor.

Velvick said he left the concert 30 minutes before the shooting began. KENS 5 talked to Velvick over the phone Monday morning where he described the horrific experience.

"It was the most sickening feeling sitting in this room last night and just hearing rapid gunfire, seeing the venue, seeing the people running and seeing bodies not moving," Velvick said. "We can still look outside our window and I can see the area that we were out last night, where we were standing. I can see all the victims out there, unfortunately."

Last night, Velvick said the SWAT team searched every room and floor of the hotel.

"I had the door locked and blocked. I also had luggage stacked up on the door of our room. I had to open the door for the SWAT team,” said Velvick. “They came in and had us sit down and shined a light on us and checked every corner of the room before they cleared the room and told us to sit tight."

Velvick wasn't able to see the rest of his group until Monday morning and said they were standing near the front of the stage when the shooting began.

"One friend, Craig walked in. He's got blood on his cheek from trying to help a girl that was bleeding. He was giving her CPR and begging for someone to get her. Joey and all of my friends, thank God are safe," Velvick said.

Velvick said everyone in his group was able to return to their homes Monday evening. He said he's relieved to leave the city and looks forward to reuniting with his little girl.

"I moved my flight to get to my daughter. I have a 6-year-old daughter. I wanted to go to school and pick her up today but I'll be able to see my daughter," Velvick said.

While Velvick has never experienced a mass shooting, he has been thrown into catastrophic situations before. Back in 2014, he was in Cabo when Hurricane Odile hit.