Buyers beware: A local family says a car lot took their money and their vehicle.

Stacy Rodriguez bought a Ford F-250 at Country Auto Mart in New Braunfels back in April, but now she's out a $7,000 down payment and has no pickup truck to show for it.

The mother of five, who runs a construction business, says that the ordeal started four days after she bought the truck.

"The truck began idling very rough, check engine light came on, burned all of its oil," Rodriguez described.

She bought the truck as is, with no warranty, but the dealer said she could bring it back.

"'We'll take care of it,' actually was the exact wording via text message that I received," Rodriguez recalled.

Country Auto couldn't find a problem. Then, days later, the truck died. Rodriguez had the truck towed to her house, then back to the dealership when the owner said he would again have it examined again.

Rodriguez says that mechanics at the dealership tried to fix the truck but destroyed it, instead.

"The exhaust system and the engine were in pieces," Rodriguez said.

When she asked for an update, this is the text message she got:

The lien holder made Country Auto return the $17,000 it provided, but Stacy has not received the $7,000 she put down.

"You said you were going to take care of it. How are you taking care of it? We're a family of seven. We own our own business. This is our livelihood. How can we run our business? how can we feed our kids?" Rodriguez said.

The owner told KENS 5 over the phone that he was only trying to help and plans to use the $7,000 to fix the truck, which he now owns again. He said that he does not intend to give Rodriguez the money back.

"Pay me my money. Don't do this to another customer. This isn't ok. We didn't do anything wrong here," Rodriguez said.

She says she is determined to get her money back and, if she has to, she will take legal action.