The tire bandits are back.

In recent months they've targeted car lots, but this time they targeted a north-side apartment complex off Blanco near Bitters.

Ascencion Escajeda and Roger Woodard live at The Haven. They borrowed a friend's truck to pick up furniture for a new salon they're planning to open but, on Sunday, work came to a stop.

"We live right in front of where we parked the truck and I see the truck and I'm like, 'What am I going to tell my friend?'" Escajeda recalled.

"We noticed there were no tires on the truck," Woodard said.

"We have a lot to do for the salon. We're about to open and it cannot be done," Escajeda noted.

Other vehicles had their tires stolen from the gated community as well. SAPD says that there were three thefts at The Haven on Sunday and another last Friday.

On Thursday morning, one truck remained on blocks in the parking lot.

"We have security that is supposed to be here. It's a gated community. We have cameras at every gate," Woodard explained.

So far, there's no word on any arrests as police are still working to determine if other thefts in the area are related.

"I want people to be more aware and just be more vigilant, keeping an eye out for everything because his tires even had locks on the rims. So whoever is doing it, they have the locks, they can get it off if they want to," Woodard said.

Escajeda and Woodard are pushing forward with plans to open their shop in two weeks. They're hoping there won't be any more delays.

"We're really just kind of focused on that, but this is a little setback for us, for sure," Woodard said.

KENS 5 spoke to a manager at the apartment complex on Thursday morning, but she said that she was unable to comment.

KENS 5 did obtain a letter sent to residents stating that a red Dodge Challenger was spotted in the complex when these latest incidents occurred. It's unclear if the vehicle is related to these crimes.