A city is supposed to warn drivers when they're entering a school zone. But KENS 5 found a spot in front of one local school that has no signs, but plenty of drivers being ticketed.

Alek Harmeyer was looking for a house to rent when he ended up in a school zone in front of Antonian High School in Castle Hills.

He was stopped, ticketed, and fined, but insists he didn't see a school zone sign.

"It's impossible to see them because there are none planted there," Harmeyer said.

He's right.

Drivers getting on to West Avenue from Fox Hall, Roundup, Castleoaks, or Ranchland won't see a school zone sign until they leave the school zone, which is too late if they're going over the speed limit.

"I believe we need to get a couple school zone signs right here in the middle of Antonian on West Avenue," Harmeyer said.

Alek tried to make his case with some poster board and photos, but a judge ruled against him because Alek says he didn't properly submit his evidence.

"It does make me wonder, after the whole fact, if this is a speed trap or not due to everything that's happened," Harmeyer said.

KENS 5 asked Castle Hills Public Works Director Rick Harada why the city hasn't installed signs in the school zone.

"Since I've been supervisor since 2003, all that’s been there is the signage and the striping," said Harada, who added that he's willing to set aside money to have signs put up and that there's no reason why none are up now. "I would have to get that approved by the city manager, then the council, it would be put on the agenda and they would approve it for me to go forth with putting in the signs."

When asked if he's willing to seek approval for the signs, Harada said, "I don't see why not. I would see that it's something for pedestrians and to help out."

"For the safety of the children, if they were really concerned, they would do this right away," Harmeyer said.

Alek says that he plans to appeal the judge's decision. He's even offered to pay for the signs himself, if necessary.