It's a parent’s job to make sure their child gets to school on time every day. So what happens when you're late and it's the school district's fault?

The mother of a Warren High School student says that she can't rely on the school bus to get her child to class on time.

Rachael Beker says that, at least once, the bus never even showed up to take her child home.

"If they're on the bus route and they make it to the bus on time, they should have transportation to school," said Beker, who noted that her son is ready to go school every day, but lately the bus is not.

She says that since January, it's been late taking children to school.

"Last week, they were doing STAAR testing, and the bus was late one day last week. So some of the kids missed the instruction for the STAAR testing," said Beker, who added that the tardies are taking a toll on her son. "In the first class that he has, his grades started to go down at the beginning of the year. And that's when they had issues finding a driver in the morning.”

Northside ISD leaders say that the assigned bus driver has been out since January, leaving substitute drivers to do the work.

"The driver is automatically going to probably drive slower to be more cautious and more careful to make sure they make all the stops on that route," said Barry Perez, a spokesman for Northside ISD.

Northside is also short on drivers. The district has more than 80 openings.

"The reality is, that is not an excuse. It certainly is a factor in why we have to run buses in certain ways that cause them to be late," Perez said.

Beker says that something has to give.

"I would just like the school district to take a little bit more responsibility in getting our kids to school," Beker said.

Perez says that the regular bus driver is back, so problems with the Warren High School bus will hopefully die down.

If you're interested in a career as a bus driver, NISD is requesting you please apply online.