A day of fun ended with anger for a local family after their truck was broken into at a popular theme park.

The owner, who doesn't want her identity revealed, says that she fears for her safety after someone stole her purse from under a seat in the parking lot of Six Flags Fiesta Texas Saturday.

Crooks not only targeted the family's truck, they also broke into three other vehicles over the weekend at the park off I-10 in northwest San Antonio.

One of those vehicles was eventually stolen from the parking lot.

"The security, personally, told us that it happens all the time," said the victim, who did not want to be identified on camera.

The woman says that what's more alarming is how much she paid to park and the fact that she parked in front of a security tower.

"We actually paid $20 every time we come into Fiesta Texas, so we were under the understanding that maybe we're paying for the security to keep an eye on our vehicles, and we were extremely let down," she said.

In the last month, two thefts of vehicles have been reported to the San Antonio Police Department at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, as well as four burglaries of vehicles.

Across town at SeaWorld, three vehicles have been stolen in the last month, while another 12 were burglarized.

"As customers, we should be able to feel safe, go inside and enjoy our time at the theme park without having to worry about our vehicles being broken into," the victim said.

KENS 5 reached out to Six Flags Fiesta Texas and SeaWorld for a response.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas released the following statement:

We pride ourselves in providing a fun, safe and friendly environment and have zero tolerance for any unlawful behavior. We have comprehensive security procedures in place, and work closely with local police authorities when appropriate. In addition, we also would like to remind our guests to leave personal belongings at home, and encourage them to leave any items they do bring secured in the trunk or out of sight. This incident has been turned over to the San Antonio Police Department, and we have no additional information to offer.

SeaWorld issued the following statement:

SeaWorld San Antonio considers the safety security, and privacy of our guests of the utmost importance, therefore, SeaWorld doesn’t comment on individual incident reports at our park.