A New Braunfels mother says that her child was the victim of bullying by a teacher.

The mother, who wants her identity protected, said that her 9-year-old child was hit in the face with a stack of papers by the child's third-grade teacher while in the classroom at Memorial Elementary.

"He got hit in front of a classroom with his friends, he started crying in front of his friends, and now kids are calling him crybaby and stuff like that," the mother said.

She added that her son has battled depression on and off in recent years.

"Since that has happened he has gotten more depressed, to the point he was having suicidal thoughts and he had to be admitted to a facility," the mother said.

New Braunfels ISD leaders said that they've dealt with the teacher and feel the issue has been resolved.

"It's just a lapse in judgment and she's remorseful and it won't happen again," said Rebecca Villareal, a spokesperson for New Braunfels ISD. "She's guaranteed us that, and we feel comfortable with that and our investigation was closed."

The district offered to change the child's class, but this mom says that it's not enough. She wants the teacher fired.

"You're supposed to think your children are safe with a teacher. And then to find out the teachers are hitting them?" the mother said. "Not only is that saying it's ok for the children to bully them, but now it's ok for the adults to bully them as well."

NBISD said that the teacher won't lose her job and other options are available.

"Nothing is really off the table, whether it's changing classes, changing schools, anything we can do to accommodate to make sure the child feels safe and happy and wants to come to school every day," Villarreal said.

Villarreal also noted that the district has a variety of resources, including counselors who are available to help the child once he returns to school.