Bexar County sheriff's deputies made a huge discovery Tuesday when they rescued dozens of abandoned cows.

The animals were left in the far east part Bexar County, off FM 1346 and Stuart Road.

Investigators received a tip from people living in the area after a dead cow was seen on the property.

Neighbor Oscar Baker's said he immediately thought of the owner.

"The guy is really a good person. I just wondered, I was worried about his health more so than the cows because I hadn't seen him in a month or so," Baker said.

We're told the owner took off to another state, abandoning in his cattle.

Sheriff's investigators found several dead cows, while others were barely clinging onto life.

"Cattle aren't cheap so, I don't know, it's kind of like driving off and leaving your car on the side of the road. You wouldn't do that. You wouldn't leave your children on the side of the road," Baker said.

Deputies rescued a total of 79 cows. They're all receiving care at an auction house in Seguin.

Baker said he's glad the animals are being cared for, but he wishes he knew how bad off they were sooner.

"I really feel for the cows and I don't know who's going to end up with them, but if someone would have told me, I would have fed them and taken care of them and even bought them," Baker said.

A hearing is scheduled for this week to determine where the cattle will go next. It's unclear what charges, if any, the owner could face.