SAN ANTONIO -- Dog poop is the latest weapon in a battle at a northwest-side apartment complex to get someone to take out the trash.

The manager of the Altitude Apartments on the 5200 block of Fredericksburg Road said frustrated tenants were so angry about a dispute over trash collection, some of them started dumping bags of garbage outside the management office.

Mitzi Ramirez, who has been on the job nine days, said when she came to work she also found that dog waste had been smeared around the office entrance.

Ramirez said she is working diligently to resolve the problem she inherited.

Ramirez said the garbage was not collected from the complex during a dispute with Waste Management. Ramirez claimed the company had a contract to pick up trash for a set amount, but they suddenly demanded more money.

According to Ramirez, a new company was hired to collect trash, but the old dumpsters remain on the property and they are still full of waste.

A Waste Management media relations spokesman said they canceled the contract for service Oct. 4 because the complex failed to abide by the contract. The spokesman also said that for safety reasons they will collect the trash from the containers by Friday.

Last Saturday, a city code compliance team visited the complex looking for violations.

A code spokesman said the complex was cited for overflowing dumpsters and for having mosquito breeding pools.

Ramirez said the swimming pools on the property are under repair and are in the process of being drained, but numerous tenants complained to KENS 5’s Eyewitness Wants to Know that the swimming pools were out of service and a stagnant, smelly danger all summer.

A code spokesman confirmed when inspectors returned to the site Thursday, they found one swimming pool had been emptied and a second pool was in the process of being drained. Inspectors are scheduled to return to the complex Friday to ensure that job has been completed.

Another complaint from residents involved old furniture that had been left on the grounds.

Ramirez said workers finished hauling away the last of those items on Thursday.

Meanwhile, some residents who live in Building 4 said they have been living without a proper roof for several months.

Part of the building appears to be protected by a new metal roof, but much of the building is covered only by what looks like tar paper. Tenants reported that upper floor residents sustained significant water damage during several recent rain events.

Ramirez said as a new manager, she will be working hard to address all the concerns that residents have brought to her attention.

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