One neighborhood in Seguin has had enough of mosquitoes, mud and water. Ray Reininger and his neighbors say that for the last two years, their neighborhood has been filled with mud and water.

They haven't been able to get anything done so they contacted Eyewitness Wants to Know for help.

"Every time my wife and I want to go somewhere, we have to walk through mud to get to the car," he said.

The City of Seguin put in sewer lines under their street even though residents warned them that there was lots of groundwater under the road.

"A number of us warned them that there's a lot of underground water and what would you do if that underground water is diverted or comes up and causes property damage and that was ignored," said Forrest Mims, another Seguin resident.

He took drone video of the swamp that he says has grown on his property and added that there's also a mosquito infestation.

"You go outside and you're immediately covered in mosquitoes, and that violates Texas law. They have to clean that up," he said.

In one home, neighbors say that there is major property damage with nonstop water filling the garage and driveway. After repeatedly asking the city for help, a surveyor came out last year to Reininger's property and he signed an easement to have drains put in to help with the water problem.

But as of October, nothing has happened.

"They bought an easement saying it would be done by Spring. Well, it's still not done. Spring is over with," he said.

The City of Seguin says that they're working on the problem but they're not convinced that the sewer lines are what caused it in the first place.

"This year we have had an excess amount of water. The water tables are high, the water is coming out in certain areas within the neighborhood which may or may not have been there prior to the development of the utilities," said Michael Sharp, the city engineer.

Reininger and his neighbors say that they've lived in the neighborhood for years and only had problems like these after the sewer lines were put in.

"I've been living here since 1979 and it's never been like this 'til after the construction," Reininger said.

The city says they are going to send out another surveyor to figure out a way to capture the groundwater and send it to a nearby creek. They couldn't tell KENS 5 why it took so long to get anything done. They hope to have the work complete by the end of the year.

KENS 5 Eyewitness Wants to Know asked the city if the mosquito infestation violates the health and safety code and they said most of the mosquitoes are on the county side of the neighborhood and not the city side.