There appears to be a recent increase in people taking their own lives by jumping from San Antonio bridges.

KENS 5 doesn't usually report on suicides because we don't want to glorify them. However, we wanted to know what, if anything, is being done to stop these public acts.

On Wednesday, a person jumped to their death from the Loop 1604/Highway 281 interchange. Earlier this month, another suicide happened when someone jumped from the bridge and Blanco and Loop 1604.

The San Antonio Police Department says that they don't break down suicides by bridges or highways, so it's not easy to determine exactly how many have occurred.

Other U.S. cities, such as San Francisco, have taken action to prevent these sorts of tragedies. They've added fences, netting, and barriers that keep pedestrians from being able to jump or fall.

The Texas Department of Transportation says it's not at a point where the agency is considering any action like that.

In addition to the cost of creating the barriers and maintaining them, a representative says that there are currently no guidelines to determine how and where they should go.

These incidents don't just impact the families of those who die, they also can take a toll on those drivers who witness it. Unfortunately, the only person who can predict these incidents is the person who jumps.