Most people use an ATM to get money.

But, a San Antonio man said a cash machine took his money, and he wasn't making a deposit.

Michael Westfall went to the Woodforest National Bank ATM located inside the Walmart off Loop 1604 and Potranco late Monday night.

Westfall had no idea he'd walk away with no cash and a bank account left almost empty.

"I stuck my card, it gave me an error, I pulled my card out, I'm looking at it, kind of dust it off, stick it back in there and finally it reads it," Westfall said.

Michael said the ATM never gave him any money, just a receipt saying there was an error.

Then, a look at his prepaid cash card account online got his attention.

"I'm looking at it and I realize the ATM took my money. It took the money out of the account. It was about two-thirds of my paycheck for the week," Westfall said.

Michael said the bank told him they'd have to do an audit of the ATM and that he'd have to dispute the charge with the cash card's company.

A process they told him that could take up to 45 days to resolve.

"When someone is taking my part of it, that I earned, away from me, that's not right," said Westfall.

With three children and a grandchild to provide for, Michael says he can't afford to do without the money so he reached out to KENS 5 for help.

"I'm not asking for anything that's not due me," said Westfall.

KENS 5 contacted the corporate office for Woodforest National Bank.

A representative told us they will give Michael his money back immediately while they try to figure out what happened.

Westfall confirmed he received the cash Friday morning.

The spokesperson for Woodforest National Bank said this is the first and only report of an ncident with an ATM like this that they have received.