It's been almost two weeks since a New Braunfels woman's dog died after drinking water from the Guadalupe River, south of the Canyon Lake dam.

Since our story aired last week, KENS 5 has been flooded with comments from many of you who are concerned about the water quality at the Guadalupe River.

Kinsey Perry's dog, Hunnie, died minutes after getting in the water.

Perry's other dog became extremely sick, too.

Perry's friend, Larissa Parker almost lost her dog from whatever was in the water.

The Guadalupe Blanco River Authority tested the water, but a spokesperson tells KENS 5 it still has no new information about what was in it.

Initially, GBRA officials thought blue-green algae may be to blame, but now they say an initial review of data indicates there was no algae bloom.

A GBRA spokesperson told KENS 5 they would be sending results to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

However, a representative from TCEQ tells KENS 5 this specific situation doesn't fall under their jurisdiction.

GBRA insists once they get the water test results back, they'll provide an update. We'll let you know when that happens.

Until then you're encouraged to avoid area rivers and creeks with stagnant water.