University Health System signed a sponsorship deal with the city that includes naming the south gate of the Alamodome the University Health System Plaza.

For $275,000 a year for five years, University Health signed the sponsorship deal to get more exposure at the Alamodome. The deal includes a large sign at the south entrance, health experts who will come to events to educate attendees on different safety and health issues, and nutritionists who will help revise the Alamodome's food options.

"We have nutritionists from our Texas Diabetes Institute who will be really excited to work with the catering folks at the Alamodome to really come up with some innovative ideas to bring some healthy options," said Leni Kirkman with University Health System.

About 25 percent of University Health System's patients don't have health insurance. Officials say after the Affordable Care Act passed, much of the money that had come in to support uninsured patients was cut. They say that in order to continue to serve that population, they're thinking outside the box to get new patients with insurance to make up the difference.

"We still continue to struggle with that population without the revenue that we were able to apply for in previous years, so it's been very challenging for hospitals across Texas to make ends meet," Kirkman said.

They say that the money they're spending on advertising is on par with previous years. They're hoping it will help them continue their mission to serve the greater community.