The flu season is here and it's already snuck up on some people.

"Some flu is already circulating and there are other respiratory viruses circulating as well," said Dr. Jason Bowling, an epidemiologist with University Health System who says that the flu vaccine is your best weapon. "The important thing is to get that flu vaccine as soon as possible."

The CDC says that one-third of people between 65 and 74 skipped the flu shot last year.

Another weapon is avoiding places where many flu germs lie. Handrails and escalators are a common place to pick up something nasty.

When you are sick, you might go to the grocery store for some orange juice or a box of tissues. But a University of Arizona study says that 70 to 80 percent of shopping cart handles have E. coli.

Don't forget about public computers and the keyboard and mouse.

"If they are touching surfaces that other people are touching as well," said Dr. Bowling, referring to public places where germs spread, like gas stations, where dozens of people touch gas nozzles every day.

Of course, you have some germs on the toilet but you can't forget about that bathroom sink, where germs can survive even longer.

So wash those hands often, get that shot, and do your best to avoid the flu.