The mumps virus is spreading through Texas as a growing number of people are coming down with it. The Texas Department of State Health Services is investigating multiple new outbreaks throughout the state.

With 221 cases reported this year, the department says that it's the highest rate of mumps in 22 years.

"There's about 13 cases they think might be related to travel to South Padre Island for spring break," said Dr. Jason Bowling with University Hospital.

UTSA student Skye-lyn Gonzales said that she's not surprised.

"Everybody tends to get a little wild," Gonzales said. "There's a lot of people who share drinks and it's just very messy. It can get contracted very easily."

The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District said that there are nine cases of mumps in Bexar County, up by eight from last year. Symptoms include fever, headaches, and swollen cheeks, but there are some rare complications.

"Men that are past puberty, there's the risk of having testicular swelling and pain. And in women, they can develop some swelling in the ovary and pain," Bowling explained. "There's a delay from exposure to onset of symptoms. On average it's about 16 to 18 days from exposure."

There is no cure for the virus. The health department says it's encouraging people to protect themselves by getting vaccinated, covering sneezes and coughs and washing hands.