A 6-year-old boy was living the life of a typical kindergartner when he suddenly received a diagnosis of Aplastic anemia, a bone marrow disease that can be deadly. Now his family is fighting for his life.

Young Haydin Wilson knows he's sick and the name of his illness. But he doesn't fully understand what that means.

"His white blood cells don't create enough bone marrow to fight disease," said Jenny Wilson, Haydin's grandmother.

His diagnosis came on October 17.

"He had several nosebleeds here and there in the past, and one morning it was a severe nosebleed for hours," she recalled.

He was rushed to the hospital and nine days later his tests came back positive for Aplastic anemia. So now, he has to stay inside and wear a mask when anyone besides family visits the home.

"It's hard for him, and he's not understanding why he has to live this way and he can't live that way again," said Ashley Wilson, Haydin's mother.

He'll have to undergo chemotherapy in two weeks, and on December 18, he's getting a big gift from his 7-year-old sister Hailie who lives in Houston, a bone marrow transplant.

"The hardest thing was trying to tell him that his sister has to come down here and do all this," Ashley said as she was overwhelmed with emotion.

The emotional struggle is neverending, and the financial struggle too.

"The gas, the parking, the loss of income," Haydin's grandfather Johnny Wilson said of the effect his grandson's illness is having on money.

Haydin had to be pulled from school when he was diagnosed. Those at the Founders Classical Academy where Haydin just started kindergarten say it hasn't been the same without him.

"He is a very warm kid, always coming up and giving hugs and giving me a high-five and saying, 'Hi Mr. Rea,'" Headmaster Nathanael Rea said.

"Sweet boy, lots of fun," teacher Marnie Albertson said. "All the kids got along with him very well so we definitely miss his sweet little face here for sure."

His best friend Mitchell had a message for Haydin: He looked into the camera and quietly said, "I love you and I very miss you."

His sister Emily couldn't fight through the tears when asked what it's like seeing her little brother go through this. But like everyone else, she misses him at school too.

"I like seeing him at lunch and recess in the hallways and stuff because he runs up and gives me a hug," she said.

If you would like to help the family fund Haydin's treatment, we've got the links below. But Haydin just wants one thing:

"Pray for me," he said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page for Haydin here and they've also started a savings account at RBFCU. If you'd like to contribute there, the account number is 201496295.