A nursing mother set up a backdrop in her home, took out her camera and captured some of the most intimate moments between mother and child.

Andrea King said that she set up the photoshoot to promote breastfeeding.

"We want to normalize breastfeeding again," she said. "We want the community to want to breastfeed, themselves."

January Vazquez held her little girl close during the shoot. Vasquez met King through the Facebook page La Leche League.

"I was diagnosed with an immune disorder," Vazquez said. "This is extremely special to me because, as my body is somewhat ailing at this moment, but I'm still also nourishing a life."

La Leche League is a group that supports mothers through their journeys and strives to normalize breastfeeding.

King offered a free photoshoot to 15 women she met on the page.

"Hearing their stories and what this photoshoot means to them is beyond words," King said.

Vazquez said that she wanted photos of her nursing her baby girl because it is one of the most amazing experiences she's ever had.

"I take selfies every day when I'm nursing my daughter," she said. "I think the important thing to remember is that, at this day and age, it is not normal, so it's important we put it in front of people to normalize that."