Almost 1400 home health care providers around Texas are owed $800,000 according to Saldivar Home Health Chief Operating Officer Basil Casteleyn.

Korina Leyva says that she showed up at the Hondo office parking lot, where the employees typically get their paychecks, on Wednesday and nobody showed up to pay them. The home health providers take care of sick patients, and many of the patients are elderly.

Leyva's client is a young man who has cancer.

"If he needs his medication filled, I called the doctor to get them filled. I go get his medication. I do his grocery shopping, anything, pretty much, that he's not able to do, I do," she said.

Leyva's mother-in-law has a provider from Saldivar because of her severe arthritis. Her provider didn't show up Thursday because he didn't get paid. Clients and employees say that they haven't heard anything from Saldivar Home Health about what's going on.

"It sucks because not only do we lose out, but our clients lose out too. And who's going to take care of them when we don't clock in? Do we still go and work for them? What do we do? I don't know," Leyva said.

Saldivar COO Basil Casteleyn says that mix-upx up is with Superior Health Plan. They are a managed health care company that works with the Texas Department of Health and Human Services.

"It's totally on Superior for this whole screw up because, again, I can't stress enough they order these services so the timing for such a high volume provider like we are, they can't hold our money for any length of time," he said.

Casteleyn says that Super Health Plan has realized their mistake and some of the money should be released by Thursday night.

The Department of Health and Human Services told KENS 5 that they're looking into the situation.

Superior Health Plan told KENS 5 that they are fully cooperating with the Department of Health and Human Services.