SAN ANTONIO -- Life in the military can be loud and stressful, but in the middle of Joint Base San Antonio - Randolph there is a place where the stress and noise of everyday life goes away.

Wendy Wilmunen brought yoga to the base in 2003, and she has seen how people of all ages can benefit from the unique physical and mental workout.

"Their rank goes away when you're in the room," Wilmunen said. "You're just a person like anyone else."

The class at Randolph is full of current and former military, family of the military and all ages are welcome.

For Ryan Brunett, yoga has been a part of his life for quite some time. In 2012, Ryan had his leg amputated after being injured by an IED while serving in Afghanistan while in the Army. Today, he said he uses yoga differently than he did before.

"Your body is an engine," Brunett said. "It has to be efficient. Shed everything else from the day and focus on one thing. It's a good way for me to focus my day."

Sonia Gill is the wife of a retired weapons loader, and she said she uses yoga to help with everyday life.

"I've just started yoga," Gill said. "I'm not an expert at all, but I do feel my body lengthening and strengthening. It just helps you get focused throughout the day."

Wilmunen begins every class saying that there is no competition and no judgment. Whether the reason for attending is for physical strength or to just to relax, the class has a purpose for everyone on the mat.