May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and many battling disorders came together to hold a rally on Monday. Their message was unity and understanding for mental health.

Signs illustrating acceptance, tolerance, and recovery were in the hands of dozens during the rally outside of the San Antonio Clubhouse.

Volunteer Shirleen Romo waved her hands in the air in support of awareness for mental health. She has struggled with depression her whole life. She says that the San Antonio Clubhouse changed that.

"It helped me get out of the house," Romo said. "I was isolated. Now I wake up in the morning and come to the Clubhouse."

At the rally, doors to the San Antonio Clubhouse were open for anyone wanting a tour. Inside, computers help those battling mental illness find employment.

Executive director Mark Stoeltje said that the change in people who come and get help is incredible.

"It's really an amazing thing, to see the transformation," he said. "I'm blessed to be here."

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