Ryan Fanning is the youngest entrepreneur at The State Fair of Texas. At just 11 years old, he's started a mini business where he goes to vendors to take food orders so they don't have to leave their busy stands.

"I just thought, ‘Hey, they got to eat,’" Fanning said.

He may be young, but Fanning has turned into a celebrity on the fairgrounds. His mom, Amy, said everyone knows him and customers at their jewelry stand love working with him too.

"You never know what he's going to say," Amy Fanning said.

Ryan's mother said his outgoing attitude is a miracle when you consider doctors told them he wouldn't be able to talk like other children as he grew up.

"I worried a lot then, but we came together as a family and had faith," she said.

Amy Fanning

Ryan didn't start talking until late in life. But his parents helped him make up for the late start by bringing him to fairs across the country.

"He'd meet thousands of people and it was really an intensive therapy where he got better and better," Amy said.

Ryan is home schooled and loves his life traveling the country with his family. His customers at The State Fair of Texas say it's hard to believe the smooth-talking businessman ever struggled with speech.

While he's got a great mind for business he says his dream is to be a chemist. His family and customers say no doubt he'll achieve whatever he puts his mind to.