SAN ANTONIO - It’s a different type of kicking back, one that puts a child’s health in the spotlight.

Dentists say the summer break is a great time to get them in for a checkup and one dentist in San Antonio is showing that it can be fun.

Sonya Median goes to the Orsatti Dental Group to keep her pearly whites in check, and even at 8-years-old she knows taking care of her teeth is important

“It’s bad to have cavities,” Sonya said.

Not only are cavities bad for your teeth, but Dr. Matthew Orsatti said if left untreated, the condition can lead to much bigger health problems in children

“Those deeper issues can lead to major problems in the future if a tooth isn’t developing correctly,” Dr. Orsatti said. “We could have some skeletal problems as well. Everything is tied together, the mouth and the body, so we definitely want out teeth to be healthy so our body can be healthy as well.”

Which is why it’s good for your child to get used to regular trips to the dentist for teeth cleaning. That will also help ease any dental anxiety.

“I think the biggest thing for children is to bring them in at a young age at an early age, so we can instill early habits of a friendly dental environment,” Dr. Orsatti said.

Dr. Orsatti also said when the kids are out of school, appointment times are extra flexible.

“Summertime is a great time to do your regular checkups.”

Sonya said the best thing she likes about going to see the dentist is that he cleans her teeth.