A two-year-old golden retriever named Hazel is the newest employee at Methodist Children’s Hospital.

Hazel is the first certified facility dog in South Texas and is in charge of visiting kids who need extra encouragement.

Whether helping children take their medication or spurring them to get out of bed after surgery, Hazel is always up to the task.

Having the puppy roam the hallways always brings life to the floor, making it less scary for kids like Kalynn Butler.

“It’s nice to see a dog in the hospital because it makes you forget that you’re in the hospital,” Kaylynn said.

Hazel trained at four different hospitals in Atlanta before coming to San Antonio. The golden retriever has mastered being around large crowds and hospital noises, things that usually scare most dogs.

“It’s actually kind of motivates me, her coming in here,” Kaylynn said. “And it makes me want to get up and walk around. Maybe some progress can be made.”

Hazel puts in the work too. After a full day of visiting patients and making rounds, Hazel is always sure to be getting plenty of rest for the next day of work.