Two children, a 16-month-old boy and 2-year-old girl, died in a hot car near Fort Worth last week. These deaths mark the 8th and 9th hot car deaths in Texas this year.

University Health System Director of Prevention Jennifer Northway says that the scene is all too familiar.

"Unfortunately, heat stroke-related deaths continue," she said. "The glass in addition to the light create a deadly combination."

The temperature in last week's incident was 97 degrees, but depending how long a child is left in a car, temperatures can reach into the triple digits.

Brandy Martinez, a nurse at SAMMC, joins Northway on spreading awareness and education with demonstrations held around South Texas.

"First responders, police, all sorts of organizations within 22 counties come together," she said. "We all want to produce a message and we want kids safe."

In the case of last week's deaths, the children allegedly locked themselves inside the car. Northway says to teach children early that cars are not a place to play.