SPRING BRANCH – American Ninja Warrior is fun to watch, people want to try it and it’s growing in popularity. The show has become a hit leading to ninja warrior training gyms popping up across the country, including the San Antonio area.

About 30 minutes north of the Alamo City in Spring Branch, Power Park Fitness is one of those gyms.

“I think it’s kind of the wave of the future just because people are having so much fun doing it. They’re so cognitively engaged,” owner David Yarter said.

David opened the gym in 2013. His passion for the sport started after watching his 56-year-old father Vance compete. Now, both are pushing each other and have been featured on the show. David’s love has now become his job. He convinced his dad allow him to build the adult playground on the family’s private property.

“It was a little tough to allow David to start this business here, but I think I’ve seen the benefit of it for people and how much fun they have. Families coming out, couples coming out, groups coming out and training. They just have so much fun,” Vance Yarter said.

Power Park Fitness also has an outdoor obstacle course. The gym has about two dozen members, but gets close to 500 visits a month; people of all ages and walks of life.

“The oldest person I’ve had come out is, I think, 72 years old. And the youngest was 4 to 5 years old. They’ll run up and down the warp wall 50, 60 times,” David said.

Short, tall, muscular or petite, we’re told there’s no perfect build for Ninja Warrior training. And you will use muscles you never even knew you had. You need strong hands, a strong grip, and a strong mind.

“Obviously some of it’s very physical. You have to build the strength, the tendon and ligament strength, the muscle strength, but 90 percent of it’s mental, honestly,” David said.

David and his father make it look way easier than it really is, but it’s more of a lifestyle they think most people would benefit from.

“I’ve pretty much trained my whole life, played high school football and all that, but this type of training has changed my life, really,” Vance said.

“It’s very often that I hear people doing war cries, or rewarding screams because they're so excited that they conquered something,” David said.

More information on Power Park Fitness, you can visit their official website here.