FORT WORTH -- Halloween night in Fort Worth's Berkeley Place neighborhood is serious business.

Some of the homes are decorated top to bottom. It seems like just as many adults dress up as children.

But the for the past few years, trick-or-treating has taken on a special significance here for some special guests.

"I think it's the best thing that can happen. It's a safe neighborhood with a cul-de-sac," said longtime resident Melinda Alexander.

Thanks to the generosity of MedStar, each year, a handful of children with disabilities now get the chance to be picked up at home, transported via an ambulance, and then escorted from house to house getting their share of the goodies.

Alberto Torres is loaded into the ambulance to go trick-or-treating.

For 9-year-old Alberto Torres, who suffers from Dandy-Walker syndrome, it was his first chance ever to trick-or-treat.

"I think he's so excited to see the kids. It'll be like normal life, y'know?” said his mom, Yolanda.

Alberto's condition causes him to suffer from severe neurological symptoms, seizures, and macrocephaly. But he was just another child looking for his fill on Monday evening.

Alberto's mother, Yolanda

MedStar says it's important for the child as well as his or her cousins, siblings, and parents.

"The families are going all out with their themed costumes and having a blast, because for many of them, it's the first time they are able to go out," said Matt Zavadsky, the company's chief strategic integration officer.

In all this year, three kids received the special trip.

The program counts on community members to nominate the children.