UTSA has brought nearly 30 augmented reality children's books to San Antonio and is in the process of teaching its education students how they might use these kinds of books in a classroom.

"They will help students comprehend vocabulary, understand concepts, encourage engagement," said Ilna Colemere, instructional technology coordinator for the office of teacher education at UTSA.

Each book has an app associated with it that you can download on a tablet or phone. When you place the app over the book, the words and images will come to life. Experts say that young kids raised in a technological era will find this kind of learning engaging.

"They are engaged, they are participatory, they are image-driven, they are connected," Colemere said.

"To bring in this technology that brings books to life and items to life and things that you couldn't experience in the real world, that's fabulous," said Rachel Cannady, an education librarian at UTSA.

The books will be available to the public at UTSA's library. They say that they are the first in the country to push this type of technology into public classrooms.