Seniors attending Robert E. Lee High School will be the last to graduate under the original high school name.

Back in August, the school board voted to change the school name due to the political climate across the nation. They say that to keep students safe, they could have a name as early as Monday.

But, not everyone is happy with the change. Several students said that the move will break a family tradition.

The school was established nearly 60 years ago and it will be the first to get a name change in the North East Independent School District.

“I don't really like changing the name because I have family members that came to Lee, so they graduated with the Lee name on their certificate. So I would also want to be part of that legacy," Casey Garcia said.

The community submitted 2,443 names and only 542 met the criteria, so we decided to run them by some students. The names included Starfleet Academy, Batman High School, and Spicy Calamari High School.

Many students weren’t sold on those names, but several liked the idea of keeping Lee in the school name.

Aubrey Chancellor, a spokesperson with the school district said that it’s too early to determine how expensive it will be to change the school name.

Once a name is selected, Chancellor said that the administration will decide on new school colors or a new mascot if necessary.