NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas -- Morningside Elementary School celebrated the National Day on Writing Oct. 20 by having campus-wide collaborative learning sessions.

The National Day on Writing was established by the National Council of Teachers of English to point out the importance of writing at every grade level, to emphasize the lifelong process of learning to write and to encourage Americans to enjoy all forms of writing.

At Morningside, each class was paired with a partner class (older kids with younger kids), and the “classroom families” gathered together so the students could share their writing with each other.

Every student completed a writing assignment based on the theme “my favorite item that is yellow.”

Students from kindergarten through fifth grade wrote about their favorite yellow item.

“This was such an amazing opportunity for the younger kids to see older kids writing and for the older kids to celebrate the beginning stages of writing happening with the younger students,” said teacher Hayley Wolff.

“This school-wide activity celebrates writing, while building a positive campus climate. The students loved sharing their writing, and we plan to do this school-wide collaborative writing event multiple times this school year," she said.