The transition from adolescence to adulthood can be a difficult move for any student. But for those with disabilities, it's an even bigger jump.

Northside ISD held a graduation ceremony on Wednesday for a special group of students ready to step up and take on the world.

For Chelsea Figueroa, there are no boundaries.

“I want to be a celebrity. I want to be on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ as well,” she said.

But right now, Figueroa is volunteering at two schools, a church, and a theatre. And on Wednesday night, she gave a speech at her graduation from Nellie M. Reddix, the place that prepared her for her current job at HEB.

“I do customer service, and I'm a bagger,” Figueroa noted.

Figueroa says that she plans to keep her job, until, of course, she lands a gig that'll launch her into stardom.

“I want to be an actress on Broadway, and maybe be in a movie,” she said.

Graduate Jordan Cash also has big dreams.

“I’d like to be a pop star and I like to dance,” he said.

At the Reddix Center, Cash has learned resume and interview skills, landing him a job at the San Antonio Zoo.

Amber Powers has already taken her skills to La Cantera resort. Her dream is to make people happy through her hospitality.

Principal Robin Fields has seen each her student's years of hard work pay off.

“They have such barriers that you and I take for granted,” she said. “They don't even see them. They get up and always have a smile on their face.”

While many of them have bigger-than-life dreams, they're still taking things one step at a time.