Southside ISD celebrated its new $21 million school with a groundbreaking event.

On Friday morning, board members, the superintendent, community members, and two hand-picked pre-k students broke soil on the new grounds.

The school is located at 16180 U.S. Highway 281. The state-of-the art facility will be made up of two campuses for pre-k and kindergartners.

"This is going to cover our growth, student growth, about the next 10 years. It's going to be able to house 850 students. I truly believe this is our foundation for our kids and for our future," Superintendent Mark Eads said. "It'll actually look like the letter 'K,' and in the middle, we'll have a core facilities. We have our gymnasium, our office space, our meetings room, and cafeteria."

Eads added that the back of the school will serve as another learning space for students.

"There's some indication that the Battle of Medina actually occurred part on the campus. We're going to have opportunities, potential other opportunities, to have it as a historical site in the back as well for educational purposes, and also for our community enjoyment," Eads noted.

Eads also said that this school will meet the growing population of the south side. Recently, a 1.4 million-square-foot TJ Maxx distribution center opened near the school and will likely bring in more families to the area. Eads said that more housing is also in the works.

"We've talked to developers and they've promised us 400 additional new rooftops a year, homes. Part of our limitations is that we don't have homes here for our staff to live in," Eads said.

The 100,000-square-foot school will be completed by fall 2018.