SAN ANTONIO -- Jonathan Garcia got over his anger quickly after Career Point College abruptly shut its doors.

"There's no need to cry about it anymore," he said. "Just see what we can do and move on and keep moving forward and try to finish my education."

Finishing his education should've been easy. He was just three months from graduating when Career Point closed. On Friday, he stood in line with dozens of fellow students waiting to get their transcripts so they could figure out the next step.

"I've already applied to a lot of colleges and that's all they're waiting for, is the transcripts," Garcia said.

Elizabeth Coble was even closer to starting her career than Garcia; She's earned enough credits to graduate, but couldn't take her nurse licensing test before Career Point was shuttered. She's set up a Facebook page for fellow nursing students hurt by the school's closure.

"I've heard their cries through the Facebook page, about how hurt they are and, you know, how they feel like their life is on hold and their life is at a standstill," Coble said.

With transcripts in hand, that standstill has turned into a slow crawl for many Career Point students. For Garcia, that's a positive step.

"I know wherever I go, I can do it again," he said. "Even if I have to start all over again with a 12-month program."