Free computers and Wi-Fi for teens who otherwise wouldn't have access to the technology, talk about a game changer for students who need computers in today's digital world.

And the students earned them in just 2 days. It's all thanks to a training program called ConnectHome, which works in association with the San Antonio Housing Authority.

"I want to go into software engineering," said Danika Enriquez, one of 40 teens that will walk away from the class with a free computer.

For anyone pursuing a future in programming, this is a life-changing opportunity.

"I just learned more and I thought that was pretty cool," the Burbank senior said.

"This is part of SAHA's summer youth program and a two-day training for section 8 residents," said Emma Hernandez, a ConnectHome spokesperson. "While not every student in here is planning a career in computers, they are getting priceless resources that are necessary in today's digital world."

More free Wi-Fi hotspots and refurbished laptops are available to SAHA residents who qualify.

"I can use it for school too," Enriquez exclaimed. "And with the hotspot, it will help me with projects."

The computers were all donated to Goodwill and the program is sponsored by San Antonio Public Library through a Capital One grant.

For more information about ConnectHome, you can visit the official government website here.