It's almost time for students to head back to school, but hundreds of qualified teachers are still needed all over the city.

From smaller school districts like South San ISD to larger ones like NEISD, the pressure is on to find people to fill vacancies.

SAISD starts school on August 14, and they've been vetting applications every day to fill the 35 teacher positions that are empty.

"Because we're starting early, there's an additional urgency," said Leslie Price with SAISD. "HR is working, the lights are on late."

The district is looking to hire teachers who specialize in math, science, and fine arts.

At South San ISD, they're looking to fill 33 empty spots including nine teacher positions that require a license. Although they don't help provide licesnses to those who may want to teach but aren't certified, they do have five open instructional aide positions.

"For people who maybe don't have their teaching license but want to eventually one day, and maybe want to get in the classroom and see what it's like," said Jocelyn Durand with South San ISD.

Northside ISD has 200 open teacher and counselor positions and have a little less than a month to fill them. Although the district said that filling the positions will be manageable for them, if they're not filled by then, a substitute teacher will fill in until a permanent hire is made.

"While 200 does sound rather daunting, Northside [ISD] has 119 schools," said Barry Perez with NISD. "Students are very resilient. They're going to bounce back. And campuses work with those subs to plan with them to make sure that when that transition occurs, it is a smooth one."