Students at a small midwestern college can now major in medicinal plant chemistry, basically medicinal marijuana. Talk about higher education!

Northern Michigan University created the program because of the growing demand for analytical chemists in the marijuana field. You could call the school a trailblazer.

It’s the first degree of its kind at a four-year undergrad college, according to CBS Detroit.

Given that the legal weed business employs up to 230,000 Americans, according to Business Insider, I’d say that the degree isn’t a half-baked idea.

Staffers hope that the school will be a major pipeline for people to work in the pot industry.

So there won’t be any burnouts, there’s a no smoking policy. So you won’t be testing your product.

It won’t even be much of a hands-on experience since they won’t be growing pot on campus. But that could change after Michigan’s 2018 election.

There are only a dozen students enrolled in the inaugural semester. Staffers expect next year’s class to double or triple in size, just like the junk food section of a stoner’s pantry.