Thousands of employees with Northside ISD attended the annual convocation before th‏e first day of school.

On Tuesday morning, there were two convocations held at the Northside Sports Gym near Bandera Road. In all, 13,000 employees took part, including 650 new teachers.

The morning was filled with excitement as cheerleaders, spirit leaders, mascots and the ROTC color guard units from 11 high schools performed together.

Many of the teachers said that the convocation always gets them fired up.

"This district is amazing. There's so many opportunities for staff and students. I'm looking forward to a great new year," said Heriberto Castro, a Bernal Middle School teacher.

"You want to set the tone for the school year and you are going to spend nine months with the kids. We want to have that motivation. We want our kids to be motivated, that way they can get the most out of their education," said Yvette Lopez, a Jordan Middle School teacher. "Coming to events like this is empowering, lifting and hopefully it transcends to the first day when we meet our students.”

The district said that the convocations are also an opportunity for NISD superintendent Brian T. Woods to get face time with employees.

This year's theme is "Northside Inspired." In a speech, the superintendent said that he hopes teachers will motivate colleagues, families and students.

"How do you want to inspire these people?” Woods asked. “I think is important. We're going to ask that all throughout the year, this question: What have you done to make your classroom, your department, your school, a source of inspiration for others?"