Robert E. Lee High School alumni plan to sell a Fiesta-type medal depicting a Confederate soldier mascot holding a Confederate flag on the heels of the NEISD board's decision to rename the school.

The medal is called "Mad Rebel," according to the former student who created the medal for the purpose of distribution at an upcoming class reunion.

Tim Adams, a 1979 graduate of the school, says that the medal now has more significance for the school's alumni.

"If indeed this name change happens, obviously [the medal is] going to take on a sentimental value, almost a memorial to the school that had its name changed," said Adams who is one of the organizers who helped pass a school bond in 2011.

Adams also created a Facebook page called "Friends of Robert E. Lee High School" to connect parents, former students, and schools together.

"The end result of that was the 2011 bond included $49 million in new construction and improvements for the school campus," Adams noted.

He also said that the online group is made up of a thousand people trying to reverse the board's decision to rename the school.

"It's part of the current climate that we live in, politically, where everything has been politicized, even a school mascot. It's really unfortunate because it diminishes our public conversation," Adams said.

The medals will cost $10 each and will be up for sale soon.

According to the original announcement posted on Facebook, the creator of the medal plans to release information on where to purchase them soon.

NEISD said that, as of 4 p.m. Tuesday, more than 800 had people submitted suggestions for a new name for Lee High School. The district is asking the public to submit new name ideas at this website.