More than 100 kids learned how to master the use of high flying drones at a hands-on expo Saturday.

They learned from drone experts as part of a nonprofit organization called Learning Through Education and Application by Partnership, or LEAP.

They were taught about the rules of the sky, how to build a drone by hand, and were able to practice a simulation before flying an actual drone.

"If you don't introduce these kids to this stuff at a young age, how will they know?" said Sean Kinnie Sr., a parent who brought his son to the expo. "It'll spark interest."

The kids also discovered how learning to fly a 100 mile-per-hour aircraft can translate into a lucrative career in fields like engineering or aviation.

"These are next generation pilots," said David Granc, a drone expert at the expo. "You can be 13 years or 80, you can be in a wheelchair, you can be disabled, it doesn't have any restrictions."

Local drone pilots race every Friday at 7 p.m. at Copernicus Park. All are welcome to join, including kids.