The second-grade teacher at Harmony Elementary at East Central Independent School District is also a school board member for a different district.

Janette Chall's long teaching career has evolved. Today's lesson begins with Chall asking her second graders:

"Do you want to do opera voice or a different voice?"

The students have many voices to choose from including King's voice, Queen's voice, teeny tiny voice or big voice. The voices are used in songs to engage students.

"My whole life I've enjoyed singing, so I try to incorporate this into my classroom almost every day because the kids learn from it," Chall said. "They remember better and it's just fun."

"I like singing a lot because I always like singing to my parents," second grader Elizabetha Ochoa said.

This is Janette Chall's third year at Harmony Elementary. But her teaching career began more than 20 years ago focusing on special education.

"My brother struggled growing up learning, so I saw that impact on my family and I wanted to try and make a difference in that area," Chall said.

She taught young children with disabilities and then served as an educational specialist in region 20 instructing teachers. She then went to La Vernia as a diagnostician and worked with parents and children.

She returned to the classroom at East Central ISD, but not before running for office.

"I am on the School Board in La Vernia ISD," Chall noted.

She's dedicating her life to education and making it fun.

"She does cool little math problems which I like to do," second grader Ethan Villa said.

There are lots of cool ideas from a teacher who clearly loves every moment helping children.