SAN ANTONIO -- Children love to paint and draw, but what goes on in Andrea Garcia's elementary school art class at Fort Sam Houston Independent School District helps children beyond developing creative skills.

Garcia teaches pre-k through fifth-grade students and she encourages thinking skills that will help her young students even as adults.

Garcia grew up working with paint and clay; both of her grandmothers were artists.

"We painted when we were with them, we saw them working with different art medium," Garcia said.

Now she brings those skills to all of the students at Ft. Sam Houston Elementary.

"They're also learning how to be able to be creative and imaginative and use their creative problem-solving skills," Garcia said.

"I like that you get to draw and challenge your mind to do stuff," said second-grader Carter Lucas.

"They're learning to think critically and develop their fine motor skills these things carry over into other areas as well,” said Garcia. “In the future, they're going to need to be able to not just be able to follow directions but also be able to be innovative thinkers and imaginative thinkers in any line of work they go into."

Her young students may not realize they're learning these important life skills. What they do know is they love coming to Mrs. Garcia's class.

"You can't explain how she's fun, she just is. She’s one of those teachers you can't explain she's fun but she just is," said second grader Kinley Jones.