SAN ANTONIO - The first day of class for local college students proved to be a lesson they'll never forget.

On Monday, students returned to school at Our Lady of the Lake and got to witness the solar eclipse.

"They are goggles," described 19-year-old Andrea Culliver.

On her first day back to class she isn't just studying chemistry, she's living history. For the eclipse, the class used homemade solar filters and even constructed an eclipse selfie box.

"You hold this up and take a selfie," described Our Lady of the Lake University Chemistry Professor Charles Smith.

The enthusiastic educator also wore yellow for the occasion and rounded up special binoculars so students could better study the eclipse.

"It's been 70 years since the last event," he said exclaimed.

For Smith, he's seeing it with fresh set of eyes too. While today was thrilling, he's already pumped about the next big thing.

"In the next seven years there will be a total eclipse in our own backyard," Smith said.

So brace yourself San Antonio for the expected influx of tourists.

"Oh we are one of the only major cities in its path," Smith said. "It's going to be crazy here."