BRYAN-COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Richard Spencer is a key leader in the alt-right movement and is scheduled to speak at Texas A&M December 6.

The university says it does not condone the movement's views and did not invite Spencer to the campus.

"Hail Trump. Hail our people! Hail victory!" said Spencer at a recent conference. Preston Wiginton is the man bringing Spencer to the campus.

Wiginton says he is a nationalist that is sympathetic to the alt-right movement and other movements that strive to protect racial identities. He hopes Spencer's visit will promote conversation about political events in America.

But what is alt-right?

"Whites will be a minority in America by the year 2050," said Wiginton. "I often wonder, will the non-white population be as altruistic as the white population has been? Will there be civil rights for whites? Will there be equal opportunity for whites? And I think white people, and it showed with Trump's election, are concerned about their future."

He says it's also about eliminating a double standard.

"At every university you'll have minority organizations. Try to have a pro-white organization at a university and you will be shut down and ran out of town," he said.

Based on some of the gestures supporters have demonstrated at alt-right events, we asked Wiginton if the movement is connected to Nazism.

"Unfortunately in the alt-right movement, there are people who cross over from, say, Nazism," he said.

But he also said those people are in the minority and don't stand for the movement's cause.