Campus carry went into effect on Tuesday at community college campuses across Texas. The law was already in place at four-year colleges and universities.

San Antonio students had mixed reactions to the law going into effect. Some students think it could prevent the next big school shooting, but others think it could potentially lead to more violence.

"I'm kind of nervous, to be honest. This is crazy, you know. It's like, 'Am I going to have to be looking over my shoulder every day I come to campus to make sure no one is bringing a gun out or something?' I don't like it at all," said Miguel Alcorn, a San Antonio College student.

The new law allows people over the age of 21 with a conceal carry license to bring weapons onto campus. Guns will still be prohibited in some areas like athletic facilities and child care centers, but school administrators say the rules are pretty simple.

"If you don't see a sign, there's no prohibition, there's no surprise," said Ross Laughead, general counsel from Alamo Colleges.

While some students feel nervous about the new rule, others think it's an improvement.

"I just think it's a good idea because people feel safer, themselves, carrying a weapon because they would be able to protect themselves if something were to happen," said Rogelio Perez, a San Antonio College student.

School administrators say that those worried about guns on campus should be assured that safety is their top priority.

"We don't anticipate any problems caused by this," Laughead said. "Bad things can always happen. We don't see this as something the students need to be worried about."