Gang turf battles, drive-by shootings, and bloody crime scenes have once again become all too common on the city's east side.

FBI and local police admit that they have a hard time containing or keeping up with the violence that is leaving families hurt and angry.

Katrina Ornelas is part of one of those families. She lost the love of her life in June.

"Inside, I am hurting," she said. "I miss my husband."

On June 3, Nicholas Ciarrocchi was shot and killed outside MLK Food Mart off Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. Police counted up to 40 bullets sprayed into the car.

"Because, what took my husband, and I will reiterate again, is hate, fear, and anger," she said. "The only thing that conquers that is going to be love."

Ornelas doesn't know why her husband was targeted.

"So those that murdered him they took a good man," she said. "But they arose within me the voice of justice."

Ornelas also said that she's relentless and won't stop fighting for answers.

"The statement of 'snitches get stitches' that's a wrong statement," she said. "Snitches bring safety to our community. And we are fearless. We have to stand up against those that are bullying us. No more bullying. We have to be fearless."

The fearless reverend prays that she will meet her husband's killer face-to-face.

"Because I want to tell that person that they are loved," Ornelas said. "Because my husband is experiencing unconditional love and he had it with me. So I want for those men and those families, I want them to experience love."

Ornelas said that police told her there were no witnesses. Investigators said a black truck was seen leaving the scene after the shooting.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 210-224-STOP. As always, you can remain anonymous.