A home invasion at a northwest-side apartment complex may have included suspects impersonating police. Officers have an investigation underway to find those suspects, and the rest of the victims.

The series of events began in the Huebner Oaks area, where neighbors told police that they saw a bloodied man wandering around. When police caught up with that man, their investigation led them to The Collection Overlook apartments.

The bloodied victim claims that two or three people who posed as police barged into the apartment, zip tied, beat and then robbed him and three others.

"To impersonate a police officer, it's like you don't know who you can even really trust anymore," said Barbara Henderson, who lives next door to the complex.

Police say that they never got a call about the incident, but after looking inside the apartment, the victim's story added up. They found zip ties and blood stains on the floor. The victim told police that he and the others were able to escape after three hours.

Police are still searching for the criminals behind the aggravated robbery and the other victims, who include two other men and a woman. They said that there's a group that keeps committing these kinds of crimes in the area and they're seeing it happen more often.