A retired military member who runs a youth soccer club faces thousands of dollars in losses after vandals destroy his property.

Anthony Hoffman and his wife Lorena operate Alien Sports San Antonio, a club for kids 3 to 16 years of age. A year ago, the couple purchased property at 12275 Potranco Rd and completely renovated the area. They built five different soccer fields. The couple spends any extra money and time on improving the fields.

"I'm retired military and I work full time. Every paycheck, this is where our money's been going. We initially started out with a $38,000 budget for everything and we're more than three times into it right now," Anthony said. "We're here because my kids love soccer and we saw how much it changed their lives to have mom and dad out there working with them, watching them play. It's matured them and, not only that, it's developed their character."

The couple said that the club is to help kids in the community stay safe, active, and healthy. Their goal is to make sure every child is included.

"Basically, we subsidize where a lot of people can't afford to even pay the low prices that we charge for registration," Anthony said.

"We're so happy that we see all these people coming back and play here," Lorena said.

Around 5:30 a.m. Saturday, the Hoffmans said that firefighters responded to the club's location. A trailer that was sitting in the parking lot was in the process of getting modified into a bathroom.

Anthony said someone purposely lit the trailer on fire.

The Hoffmans had been saving money and working on it for more than a year. They poured about $13,000 into the renovations. The bathroom was mere days away from being completed.

"The inside was luxury. Pink for the girls, green for the boys," Anthony described. "The kids, especially the 3-years-old, are afraid to go into the porta potties with this heat. They're like ovens."

"We've been really working hard on this for the kids,” Lorena said through tears. “And, I'm sorry, to find out this, that evil people are there, instead of helping and doing bad things to us, hurts me a lot.”

If you are interested in helping the Hoffman's, call 210-778-4871.