The suspect of a home invasion ran to neighbor's home nearby.

Universal City resident Kathy Carson and her family let the suspect into their home, not knowing a deadly shooting just unfolded next door.

"I was just confused," Carson said. "I didn't know who this person was. I had never seen him before."

Carson said she was shocked when 18-year-old Jonathan Andrew Perales ran to her doorstep early Tuesday morning.

"He laid down in my entryway and said he had been shot," she said.

For several minutes, Carson, her son, and grandsons tended to the stranger.

"You see someone standing at your door bleeding saying I've been shot, you're not going to shut the door and say sorry buddy," she said.

What Carson didn't know was the man inside her home was allegedly involved in a deadly shootout with her neighbor 51-year-old Michael Clay Robinson.

Carson said looking back she would have been more careful not letting a stranger into her home and is saddened to learn of Robinson's passing.

"This is a huge loss for the community, his church, and his family," she said.